802.1X Login Window Authentication with Mountain Lion

Since Lion the procedure for using 802.1X has changed, in this guide I will explain how to set this up using a Windows Server 2012 Domain Controller, the Casper Suite and a Mountain Lion Client. This guide assumes you already have a functioning domain controller, Macs bound to this AD and 802.1X authenticated wireless network. In this […]

Ubuntu Server Multihoming

Our new web server at work is a Ubuntu Server VM running Nginx for static content, Apache for dynamic, and Memcached for MySQL caching. In other words, it’s super fast! The main challenge with setting this server up was the fact that it would be connected to three VLANs, all with their own subnet. It […]

pfSense Traffic Logging (updated!)

As promised in my previous post, I have now completed the PHP script for making the connection between the pfSense Captive Portal authentication log and the Squid authentication log. trafficlog trafficlog 1.1 – Needs to be placed in /usr/local/www/ and renamed to trafficlog.php captiveportal captiveportal 1.1 – Needs to be placed in /usr/local/www/ and renamed to captiveportal.php download – Needs to […]