Create a Bonjour Bridge using Avahi and Ubuntu Server

With the adoption of Apple TVs in education, many network administrators are trying to find a way to advertise Bonjour services over multiple subnets. Aerohive recently released a Bonjour gateway, I found this troublesome to use and set out to find another solution. I discovered that Avahi, an opensource implementation of zeroconf, allows for Bonjour reflection to other networks, to get […]

pfSense Traffic Logging (updated!)

As promised in my previous post, I have now completed the PHP script for making the connection between the pfSense Captive Portal authentication log and the Squid authentication log. trafficlog trafficlog 1.1 – Needs to be placed in /usr/local/www/ and renamed to trafficlog.php captiveportal captiveportal 1.1 – Needs to be placed in /usr/local/www/ and renamed to captiveportal.php download – Needs to […]