LBNCo Technical Details

While there is a lot of information online regarding the national broadband network, there is almost nothing online regarding the private greenfields fibre network LBNCo. There is some history behind LBNCo, including originally being named Service Elements and at some point obtaining the old E-Wire/BES network (and subsequently upgrading the HFC network to DOCSIS 3.0 and […]

Powering a Mikrotik RB2011 using a Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch

Using the passive PoE Mode on the Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch range, I was able to power a Mikrotik RB2011iL. The Mikrotik’s ETH1 port accepts  7 – 31 volts on pins 4, 5 (+), 7 and 8 (-), this matches up with the 24 volts which the Edgeswitch provides on the same pins. This is super handy due […]

Create a Bonjour Bridge using Avahi and Ubuntu Server

With the adoption of Apple TVs in education, many network administrators are trying to find a way to advertise Bonjour services over multiple subnets. Aerohive recently released a Bonjour gateway, I found this troublesome to use and set out to find another solution. I discovered that Avahi, an opensource implementation of zeroconf, allows for Bonjour reflection to other networks, to get […]